The Love Props That You Need; The Pros and Cons of Using Sex Toys

Just like anything else, our favourite adult toys have their positives and their negatives. We would, however, like to argue that the positives drastically overpower the negatives. From boosted confidence and higher self-esteem to improvements in the sleep pattern and anxiety. Argue if you will, but self-pleasure and masturbation is not that taboo topic that it once was - and we are here for it!

Sex toys and sex talk are slowly becoming the new normal and such topics are going to be taking over - should we or shouldn’t we?

Studies show that the feedback on sex toy usage is more positive than negative - reported by both women and men. Findings show that medical practitioners and professionals in sexual education have also reported that using toys is a common and beneficial behaviour.

The hormone oxytocin is resealed during sex, which reduces stress and anxiety and the hormone dopamine (also known as the ‘happy’ hormone) is released after we orgasm. Due to the chemical reactions in our bodies after we have sex or we orgasm, including the release of endorphines, sex is believed to be a natural painkiller.

The usage of toys can provide a better understanding to ones’ body and a chance of sensual experimentation. It is now possible to try out different textures toys with various vibrational frequencies that would leave you happy, satisfied and longing for more.

However, nothing ever comes without cons. Some of the cons to using sex toys would be the fact that our expectations may rise and our usual needs may not be met by our usual partners. This happens when we manage to get to the Big-O a lot easier by ourselves, so the presence of someone else distracts us or it’s simply not enough.

Another reason may be the unrealistic expectations of the power of the orgasm, which will also be affected by our mental stimulus.

We should remember that anything that provides us with a fake human physical touch is something that is made to replicate human interaction, but it can also be physically beneficial and easier to use.

At the end of the day, the decision can only be made by you. We only advise that you try.

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